In Berta's shop we sell flax and linen to our members. Every member can look forward to a welcome gift and purchase more flax if needed. Every purchase helps us to continue writing the stories of Berta and the flax in the Mühlviertel, to realise new projects and to keep the craft alive.
A big "Thank you" to all who support us!

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Welcome Gift Mini-Membership
Welcome gift for new Mini members.
Welcome Gift Basic Membership
Welcome gift for new Basic members.
Welcome Gift Premium Membership
Welcome gift for new Premium members.
Linen fabric handwoven, medium fine
Hand-woven linen, medium fine, approx. 60 to 120 years old, carefully bleached, approx. 300 g/m
Linen fabric handwoven, coarse
Hand-woven linen, coarse, approx. 60 to 120 years old, carefully bleached, approx. 350 g/m
Linen yarn singles
Machine-spun singles linen yarn
Cotton Linen Yarn Two Ply
Machine-spun cotton-linen blend yarn, two-ply twisted
Cotton yarn two ply
Machine spun cotton yarn two ply.
Linen yarn three ply
Machine-spun linen yarn, three ply
Long flax 1st choice
Long fiber flax 1st choice - finely hackled and twisted into stricks.
Long fiber flax 2nd choice
Long flax 2nd choice - roughly hackled, mostly open.
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