Berta's Flax is telling stories

"Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the passing on of fire".

We, the guild for the preservation and promotion of the traditional flax craft, have made it our task to give one of the most important textile plants in Europe and its manual processing a big stage.

Flax connects us to the work of our ancestors and textile-savvy people and artists around the world. By preserving and writing down the stories of this fibre and passing on the joy of the craft to the next generation, we preserve our textile heritage.

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The people

Berta had a chest full of flax that she cherished all her life.

After her death, the golden stricks found their way to Christiane Seufferlein, along with Berta's story. Many more were to follow her.

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The flax knowledge

It not only takes many hands to turn a small linseed into a textile, it also takes knowledge, experience, patience and the help of the good spirits around the house and farm.

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Together we research the past and

the present, collecting knowledge, thinking outside the box and making our findings accessible.

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The flax craft is alive and well. To keep it that way and to increase interest in the processing of this wonderful fibre, we pass on our knowledge in workshops, lectures and at events. Online and offline - in German and English

Friends and sponsors

Friends and sponsors

What would Berta's flax be without our friends and supporters? They help us to let Berta live on

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